9 February 2024

Your step by step guide to making a difference in this election year….

Nationally, we are all gearing up for a General Election in 2024.  We don’t know when it will take place, May and October have been put forward as potential dates, however most pundits and bookies are favouring the Autumn months of October to December.

An election year is a great time to lobby your MP about the campaigns you feel most strongly about. We will certainly be doing all that we can to raise our CSPA priorities at every turn, but how can you as an individual help?

We have produced an election toolkit to help our members engage with local candidates in the election, including guidance on how to find out who your local candidates are, how to contact them and what to say. It has been designed to be as user-friendly, straightforward and simple, because we want everyone to have their voice heard.

If we all stand together – we can make a difference.


Are you a current or retired Civil Servant? Become a member of the CSPA to support our campaigning, and gain access to a wide range of benefits.

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