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We have been campaigning and lobbying on behalf of pensioners in the UK for over 60 years. We don’t just work to protect the value of civil service and related pensions, we also partner with other organisations to fight for better social care, health care, transport provision and more, including a fair deal for Pensioners in the Brexit negotiations.

Protecting and defending the value of pensions

One of our key objectives is to maintain and improve the purchasing power of all pensions from civil service and related schemes. We achieved index linking in 1972 and since then have campaigned to achieve a wide range of improvements, plus a better deal for widows and widowers of civil servants.

Lobbying on your behalf

We advise and represent our members if they have any individual problems with their pensions and we meet regularly with the pension administrators and Cabinet Office to resolve any general problems.

Ensuring a better retirement for all pensioners

We work closely with other pensioners’ organisations and campaign for better social care, healthcare and transport provision, and more for the benefit of all pensioners.

Our current campaigns

Our campaigns change over time as we respond to the changing needs of pensioners and the pressures they face. Among other things, we are currently campaigning for:

  • To find out more about our campaigning work, please contact us on 020 8688 8418 or email enquiries@cspa.co.uk.