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You’ve worked hard your whole career, now it’s our job to act on your behalf, protect your Civil Service pension, and help you get the most out of retirement. We’re proud to be here for you, making sure your voices are heard and collaborating with like-minded organisations, to bring you a range of exclusive membership benefits, together with information, guidance and support when you need it.

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We have been campaigning and lobbying on behalf of pensioners in the UK for over 70 years. We don’t just work to protect the value of civil service and related pensions, we also partner with other organisations to fight for better social care, health care, transport provision and more.

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Protecting your pension
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Lobbying on your behalf
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Better retirement
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We are celebrating 70 years of protecting the value of your Civil Service Pension

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Pension advice and news

Keep up to date with the news and campaigns defending the rights of civil servants and older people in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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House of commons digital exclusion debate

There will be a debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday 28 February at 4.30pm about how older people are being locked out of services because they have gone online. We need as many MPs as possible to attend – and speak on the importance of offline options.
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Support us in our work with the Cabinet Office to protect your Civil Service pension and access great membership benefits. Membership costs just £3 a month for single or £4.20 a month for a joint membership.