8 July 2024

Why you need good travel insurance

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Guest Article by CSIS

CSIS share the importance of having good travel insurance.

Health care is not free in many parts of the world and costs have steadily increased since the pandemic. If you need to access medical care, especially in an emergency, without insurance, things may be very expensive.

The key reasons that people take out travel insurance are: 


    • Emergency medical treatment (accidents and illness can happen anywhere, and treatment abroad can run into the thousands, particularly outside of Europe. Travel insurance also covers repatriation – the cost of getting you home)

    • Cancellation (organise your insurance as soon as you have booked, so you are covered should you need to cancel (for an insured reason)

    • Baggage (don’t let the loss of your luggage ruin your holiday)

Do you still need travel insurance if you have a European Health Insurance Card

The EHIC is valid within the European Economic Area (EEA) – European Union (EU) countries plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein – and grants you either free or reduced-cost state-provided medical treatment in these countries. However, it doesn’t apply to private hospital care or treatment, and it does not cover repatriation costs to get you home again, so medical travel insurance is still required for these events. 

Travel Insurance cost vs the price of being uninsured

We would like to share with you some case studies from our provider Aneevo to give you a sample of some of the claims that were handled last year.


    • Medical treatment and repatriation following a fall in Spain cost an eye-watering £124,000.

    • Treating a holidaymaker who contracted Covid in Cyprus and getting them home safely cost £70,000.

    • The GHIC paid for 80% of the cost of treating injuries from a fall in France, but this still left £16,000, including return to the UK on a stretcher. These costs were covered by the travel insurer. 

Medical Disclosure

It is so important that you disclose all the relevant information that the insurer requires. By not doing so, you could be refused cover, and all costs associated with that claim may fall on you. If we ask a question, this is relevant to that particular insurer, and will be factored into the rating of cover. 



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