5 April 2023

Vulnerable to lose out as care funding held back

Frail and vulnerable people will go without the care they need, council chiefs are warning, after ministers in England set out funding plans for care.

The BBC has reported that council chiefs are warning that the vulnerable and older people will go without the care they need following the plans set out by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) which £2 billion of grants over the next two years were announced.

DHSC has held back £500 million of funding dedicated to address staff shortages, which have risen by 50% in the past year. The move has been criticised by adult social care directors as over 500,000 people are waiting for care.

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Our thoughts

"Once again the Government lets down the most vulnerable members of our society - those who need help and support to live their lives in a dignified way.

After the DHSC announced a £2 billion package of grants for social care for the next 2 years, a total of £600 million has been held back - £250 million of that sum was previously set out to deal with workforce shortages.

With a 52% increase in the care workforce vacancies over the past year, this counterproductive measure just means more of the same misery for those desperately in need and continuing bed shortages in the NHS. Family and friends who have to give up work to provide support will also mean less contribution to the UK economy.

When will there be some joined up thinking in the Department of Health and Social care?"

Our campaign ask

A decent quality, sustainably funded, free social care service operating in cooperation with the NHS. Recognition for paid and unpaid carers through professional development, fair pay and access to respite breaks and simplified carers benefits.

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