10 May 2024

Together against pensioner poverty

Independent Age has produced a Statement of Intent that organisations that we, The CSPA, has signed up to and show our commitment to tackling pensioner poverty.

Statement of intent

It is unacceptable that anyone should live in poverty. Poverty is detrimental to our society as a whole and every day, it deprives people of their choices, forcing them to make difficult decisions that can negatively impact their health, relationships, and dignity. People of all ages and walks of life can experience poverty; financial struggles unite them for a decent quality of life.

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Older people are not immune to financial hardship. Across the UK, two million pensioners live in poverty, cutting back on meals, living in damp, cold homes and sitting in the dark to save money. Too often, their voices aren’t heard or acted on by those with the power to make change happen. Too often, they are ignored or stigmatised, compounding their feelings of shame, hopelessness and isolation.

Poverty in later life is not inevitable; it can be addressed.

We can improve our society and social security system so that it works for people of all ages.

To help achieve this: 

  • Listen to the voices of older people in financial insecurity.
  • Share stories of pensioners living in poverty.
  • Support changes to reduce poverty in older age, ensuring a financially secure future for everyone.

Together, we will tackle pensioner poverty so that everyone has the opportunity to live well with dignity, choice, and purpose.

Supportive organisations include:

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