1 June 2023

Summer edition of The Pensioner out now

The Summer edition of your members magazine is now available to read online. Physical copies will be posted and should land on door mats within the next week.

In this issue

  • Role model: Rudy Harding is one person who’s found new work in later life and there’s plenty of help out there for others wanting to keep working
  • Why health and care services are on their sick bed
  • Campaigning for improved transport
  • Housing: Mayhew report calls for at least 50,000 new retirement homes to be built
  • Goodbye to General Secretary, Lisa Ray

The magazine one of the many membership benefits when you join CSPA. 


Are you a current or retired Civil Servant? Become a member of the CSPA to support our campaigning, and gain access to a wide range of benefits.

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