23 March 2023

Ministers delay plan to lift UK state pension age to 68 as life expectancy falls

“State Pension Age review – good news or a stay of execution?”

The state pension age, currently 66, is due to increase to 68 after 2044. 

The government wanted to bring this forward to 2037-2039, with the plan due to be confirmed in May, but will now push the decision beyond next year’s election, according to officials.

A spokesperson from DWP has confirmed that the next review of the state pension age will be published on the 7 May.

A former senior civil servant, Baroness Neville-Rolfe (now a Cabinet Office Minister) was tasked with conducting an independent wide-ranging review. CSPA along with other groups representing pensioners and unions were concerned that the date for the state pension age becoming 68 would be brought forward to 2037-39 so those in their fifties and younger would be affected. Some in government were arguing for this.

CSPA with other public service pensioner groups as part of the Public Sector Pensioners’ Council (PSPC) collective submitted written evidence and met with Baroness Neville-Rolfe arguing that healthy life expectancy had not improved, older workers had difficulty finding jobs and those with caring responsibilities couldn’t keep working.

We understand today that the decision will be made after the election next year. Have we done enough to stave off further change?


Our thoughts

"We know many people over 65 have left the workforce not always by choice, pushing the pension age away won’t save the government money if people end up claiming benefits and/or needing NHS care due to ill health exacerbated by working past good health. Unpaid carers/charity workers many of whom are healthy retirees save the country a fortune, if they have to stay in work what happens to the already overstretched care sector and charities such as citizens advice and Age UK. We must keep the pressure on over the election period to prevent further change. France riots over a move from age 62 to 64 - we can’t sleepwalk into 68"

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