28 March 2023

Incomes report highlights inequalities for single, female and older pensioners

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published a report examining pensioners’ weekly incomes – and the sources of those incomes.

This report examines how much income pensioners get each week and where they get that income from. It looks at how their incomes have changed over time and variations in income between different types of pensioners.

Key findings

  • Pensioners’ incomes have increased since 1995
  • Younger pensioners have had higher average incomes than older pensioners
  • Fewer pensioners were receiving income-related benefits
  • Benefit income made up 60% of total gross income for single female pensioners
  • Pensioner incomes differed between regions and countries

This report highlights the inequality for single and older pensioners. It also shows a postcode lottery on equality – regions and countries, pensioner incomes differ.

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