29 May 2024

Election Toolkit – how you can make a difference

Now it’s been announced that there will be a general election in July it is a great opportunity to lobby your local MP about the campaigns you feel most strongly about.

We are determined to ensure that the voice of people in later life is heard during the upcoming General Election. Our manifesto lays out our vision for a better deal for the 11 million people in later life throughout the UK. We want all candidates to help change the terms of the debate to focus on the ambitions and hopes for the future rather than the perceived ‘costs’ to the rest of society.

As part of Later Life Ambitions we have created an election toolkit to help you, our members, get your voices heard.  It is your step-by-step guide to making a difference this election year. 

What can you as an individual do?

Find out who your local candidates are

Prospective parliamentary candidates can be found by clicking the button below.  You can also try the website of your local council which is likely to have a list of candidates.

Write to all local candidates and ask them how they will enable older people to live an ambitious and fulfilling life

It is important to engage with all candidates, regardless of whether you feel a particular one is likely to be more supportive. You can find contact details via their websites, although some do not share this publicly. You could try contacting them via social media, or by contacting their party’s local branch and asking for further details. The toolkit provides you with some easy letter templates you can use, and adapt to sui you when contacting your local candidates.

Seek a meeting with candidates in your local area to talk to them about ensuring older people have the opportunity to live ambitious later lives

You can take it a step further and try to gain a meeting with candidates, this face-to-face approach is more likely to have an impact. If you do secure a meeting, make sure you go prepared with actions in mind. The election toolkit has some good examples of this to help.

Attend local campaign events and debates to ask about commitments to older people

A hustings or a debate provide voters with an opportunity to hear the views of candidates and usually happen closer to election day. Find out if any are happening in your constituency. The election toolkit has a list of questions, that should you attend, you may wish to ask.

If we all stand together, we can make a difference.


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