30 October 2023

CSPA Pensions Cases Manager speaking at Cabinet Office Employer Forum in Liverpool

CSPA Pensions Cases Manager, Christine Haswell, was today (30 October) representing CSPA at the Cabinet Office Regional Employers Forum in Liverpool, with Executive Council member Harry Brett.

The Forum brings together a range of Civil Service Departmental staff responsible for administering retirement and pensions administration across the different Government Departments.

At today`s event much of the discussion was centred around the pension options facing civil servants who retired between April 2015 and April 2022 (the 2015 Remedy Period) following the McCloud legal judgment in late 2018 that the transitional pension protection arrangements on applied to those formerly in the Classic pension scheme were age-discrimatory. As a consequence the Remedy provides for an option to be made between the legacy pension benefits or the new Alpha scheme benefits for those in scope of the remedy period.

More background information is available from the Civil Service Pension Scheme websire at the following link: 2015 Remedy (McCloud) Timeline – What to expect and when – Civil Service Pension Scheme

Christine Haswell
Harry Brett, EC member

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