4 December 2023

Civil Service Pension Scheme – new administrator from December 2025

The Cabinet Office Pensions team has confirmed to CSPA that Capita Business Services Ltd (Capita) have been awarded the contract to administer the Civil Service Pension Scheme, from December 2025, following a long procurement selection process. The current service provider, MyCSP, will continue to administer the scheme during the two-year transitional period to December 2025.

The new contact will run from December 2025 for seven years to 2032, with the option to extend the contract by a further period of up to three years. 

At a meeting with CSPA officers on 28 November, the Cabinet Office pensions team confirmed their commitment “to develop their transition and transformation plans for delivering an effective service” for the 1.5 million members of the Civil Service Pension Scheme, and to continue active engagement with CSPA and other stakeholders during the two-year transition about their service transformation plans.

Capita will be responsible for delivering employer and member services; pensions payroll; as well as administrative support for the Civil Service Injury Benefit Scheme; Compensation Scheme; and related finance and accounting services.


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