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General Election Leaflets - members in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

You will have received, or will receive in the next few days a leaflet from CSPA, which gives details of the policies of the national party or parties, in your country on issues affecting older people.

In the winter edition of the Pensioner Magazine which has been issued to all members, a feature on pages 34,35 and 37 covered details of the main party policies of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties.

The article also included the statement “ For members resident in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, separate leaflets are being prepared and will be sent out covering the policy positions of the other national parties in each of the devolved nations. This is to ensure that as comprehensive summary as possible is presented of the various political parties’ policy positions. The leaflet should arrive after the pensioner magazine but before the general election”

The deadline for printing the Pensioner magazine unfortunately meant that we were not able to include the analysis of all the political parties in the Pensioner magazine. However, we wanted to ensure that members living in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland knew about the policies of all the parties that we believed might field candidates in their locality. The leaflet was intended to be read in conjunction with the Pensioner magazine, but the time delay between the two regrettably gives the impression that we have not been balanced in our approach. We apologise for this perception and wish to state that the Alliance always has been, and remains politically neutral.