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General Election Campaign 2019

Members of the Alliance will receive their copy of The Pensioner magazine at the beginning of December which will include details of the main parties attitudes to policy issues of concern to the Alliance and older people.

Whoever you are inclined to vote for, CSPA want you to ask whether your prospective parliamentary candidates are committed to the following:

· How will you enable older people to live an ambitious and fulfilling later life?

· Will you commit to a cross party, long-term plan for social care?

· What will you do to support older people in the community?

· Can you assure me that the free TV licences concession for over-75s will continue?

· Will universal benefits for older people be retained, and can you ensure me they will not be means-tested?

You can find contact details for your local candidates by going to www.whocanivotefor.co.uk and entering your postcode

We need as many of our members as possible to write to candidates. Please feel free to use the following text to highlight the issues that we want taken forward in the next parliament.

Dear [insert name of candidate]

I live in the [name] constituency and am writing to ask that securing the dignity and fulfilment of older people is at the forefront of your political agenda.

I am a member of the Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance. CSPA was formed over 60 years ago to protect the value of the Civil Service Pension. CSPA has over 55,000 members in groups and branches around the UK. We have ambitious aspirations for the next generation of pensioners.

From fair pensions to safe and sustainable care services, and from accessible housing to regular bus services to promote independence, we require bold and forward-looking action from our political leaders.

With your support, I want to see a change in the terms of the debate to focus on the ambitions of pensioners rather than the perceived ‘costs’ to the rest of society. So, we urge you to recognise the value of pensioners, and provide an aspirational, ambitious future for those in later life.

My primary concern in the need to adequately reform the social care system. It is facing an unprecedented crisis, and in order to develop a suitable set of solutions it is important that the views of older people are used to inform the forthcoming Government’s strategy.

As my prospective MP, I would like you to commit to the following:

· A cross party, long-term solution to the crisis in social care, that secures adequate funding for the sector

· Maintenance of the state pension ‘triple-lock’

· Increase in the minimum employer contributions for auto-enrolment schemes

· Ensuring that the free TV licence concession for over-75 continues to be fully funded

· Stopping financial and digital exclusion. Committing to no further Post Office closures and renewal of its funding

· A national strategy encouraging specialised later life housing throughout the whole of the UK

· A cross-party approach to tackling material disadvantages between and within generations, while championing the societal contribution of older people

I would appreciate your response to the issues I’ve outlined above.



Sign off

Party maifestos have not been published at the time of going to press, but our consultants at Connect have been able to give a good idea of the different approaches to major policies. There will be a separate leaflet sent to members in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales outlining the policies of the parties standing in those countries. Please keep checking this page for updates as the Election Campaign heats up!