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Age UK London - Campaign to increase Flu Vaccine Uptake in London, 2019-20 - “It’s never too late…”

Age UK London is running a campaign to increase the flu vaccine uptake across the capital, as flu is a particular risk for older Londoners and those with long-term conditions.

Did you know that London does not meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard of flu vaccination levels and also that 18 of the 20 CCG areas with the lowest flu vaccine uptake across England are based in Greater London?

As part of this campaign Age UK London will be:
- running a conference on the morning of Tuesday 26th November with confirmed speakers

Prof John Oxford, Chair, Global Hygiene Council

Dr Catherine Heffernan, Public Health England, Principal Adviser for Commissioning Immunisations & Vaccination Services

Please register here to attend this event
- running promotional events in targeted boroughs across London

- producing dedicated resources for groups and organisations to distribute and share with their membership

This campaign will highlight the risks to older Londoners of flu and promote positive messaging as to the benefits of the flu vaccine and will challenge common myths surrounding flu and the flu vaccine and share good practice.

How can you support the campaign?

1 Do you have an example of good practice from your local authority area where you have had success in the past with increasing the uptake and encouraging people to get the flu jab?

If you have, we want to hear from you as we are keen to share this good practice and start positive conversations and share success. There is a 5 – 10 minute slot available during the event where we would like to share these inspiring success stories.

2 Are you interested in Age UK London running a promotional event in your borough?
3 Are you interested in attending the conference on Tuesday 26th November from 10am - 1pm then register here

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you to help older Londoners have their free flu jab this Winter