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Media articles in FT and Civil Service World publications

Members may have noticed some articles in the media relating to reductions in 36,000 Civil Service Pensions. We would like to refer you to this older post which relates to this exercise:

Members will be aware through articles in the Pensioner magazine and group circulars of an exercise by the Civil Service Pension Scheme to rectify Guaranteed Minimum Pension data on member records. The exercise will result in changes to approximately 36,000 current Civil Service pensioner members. In most cases, the outcome will be a small reduction to the amount of pension paid - 80% of the pension changes are below £5 per week.

All members who have their pension changed will be written to approximately 6 weeks before their pension changes. The letters to the first 940 members who will have their pension changed were issued on 6th February 2019 and their pension due to be paid on 20th March 2019 will be amended.

All past overpayments are being written off so no repayments from members will be requested, although pensions going forward will be adjusted to the correct level. In some cases members will have been underpaid, these members will receive a lump sum of arrears and have their pension increased to the correct level.

After issue of the first 940 letters there will be a brief pause in the exercise whilst the annual Pension Increase exercise is undertaken, and the next set of GMP letters to members is scheduled to be issued in April. The exercise will then progress throughout the summer and is scheduled to conclude by the end of September.

If you receive a letter and have any questions you will see a number to call at the Pensions Advisory Service (TPA):

The TPAS helpline: 0800 678 1648 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

· Webchat (9am to 6.20pm Monday to Friday and 7pm till 9pm every Tuesday

· Online Enquiry via the TPAS website: www.pensionadvisoryservice.org.uk

In addition if required, Civil Service Pensions will supply details of the calculations involved in individual cases.
Telephone: 0300 123 6666, International +44 1903 835902 or by email:GMPquery@mycsp.co.uk.

As always the Alliance is here to help any member if queries remain.