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Brexit is Moving...

The Prime Minister addressed Parliament on Monday following the emergency weekend summit with EU leaders. She called on MPs to support her proposed Brexit deal, saying that it is the best deal, and the only deal, that is on offer.

The Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, repeated his criticism of the deal, saying that Parliament should reject it. He called for a better deal “based on a comprehensive customs union, a strong single market deal that protects rights at work and environmental safe guards.” In response, Theresa May said “there is no better deal available”.

The Government has announced that Parliament has set aside five full days for debate on the draft Brexit deal. These will take place on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th and 11th of December. A ‘meaningful vote’ of MPs is expected to take place on the 11th.

Many MPs have publicly stated that they will vote against the deal, leading to speculation that it will be defeated.

Calls for a ‘second referendum’ are growing, particularly from the pro-European ‘remain’ side of the argument. The question is whether pro Brexit MPs are prepared to risk a referendum or possible General Election by voting down the deal.

The Prime Minister and her advisers are calculating that the deal she is proposing will ultimately be preferable for most MPs, than the possible alternatives of a hard Brexit, a referendum or a General Election.
A vote of ‘no confidence’ in the PM is still possible, as news emerged last night that a further letter has been submitted to the 1922 Committee today by a Conservative backbench MP, Andrew Lewer.

In the meantime, the PM has gone on the PR offensive by writing a “letter to the nation”, giving interviews, and taking part in radio ‘phone-ins’.