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CSPA Branches

Our CSPA branches in Scotland and Northern Ireland operate under separate constitutions but promote the policies and activities of the parent body.

CSPA Scotland represents CSPA members living north of the border. It shares the aims of the CSPA but is organised autonomously and has two representatives on the National Executive Committee of the CSPA. While participating in decision making at a UK level, CSPA Scotland also maintains a clear focus on Scottish matters, including the deliberations of the Scottish Parliament.
For more information visit http://www.cspascotland.org.uk/or contact Michael Kirby, Membership Secretary on 0141 639 5563.

John McGiveron and Christine McGiveron (Scotland Branch)

Northern Ireland

CSPA Northern Ireland first formed in 1953 as the Northern Ireland Civil Service Pensioners’ Association. In 1980 it joined the UK-wide CSPA to increase its negotiating strength. It currently represents some 3,500 retired civil servants in Northern Ireland. The branch is affiliated to and works closely with two umbrella pensioner organisations: The National Pensioners’ Convention, representing pensioners UK-wide, and the Age Sector Platform, a local organisation representing the interests of Northern Ireland pensioners.

For more information and to download an application form visit: http://www.civilservicepensionersalliance-ni.co.uk/or contact Tony Damoglou, Honorary Secretary, on 028 9261 0610 or at apdamoglou@cspa.co.uk or Alastair Hunter, Membership Secretary/Treasurer, on 028 9042 4970 or at cspani2k@hotmail.com.

Tony Damoglou (Northern Ireland Branch)