5 April 2023

Pensions to increase by 10.1% this month

Over the next week, those in receipt of a civil service and state pension will see an increase in their payments.

Civil service pensions in payment will increase by 10.1% from Easter Monday 10 April for all pensions that have been in payment for at least a year. Pro-rata increases apply to pensions in payment for less than a year. The increase will be paid in the next pension due after 10 April.

State Pensions will also increase by 10.1% from 6 April, for pensions in payment for at least 12 months, and paid in arrears from the next scheduled pension payment date. Pro-rata increases apply to State Pensions in payment for less than 12 months.

The increases reflect the year-on-year inflation rate in September 2022 as measured by the Consumer Prices Index.

Protecting the value of the Civil Service pension which must be uprated with the cost of living
A basic state pension linked to a triple lock mechanism i.e., the best increase in inflation, average earnings or 2.5%

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