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Services and Benefits

Become a member of the CSPA and get access to a wide range of services. From technology advice to travel insurance, we have put together a range of benefits designed with you in mind. In addition to those direct services detailed below, by going to the Membership page and logging into the members’ area a very significant range of additional membership benefits are available.

We advise and represent members if they have individual problems with their civil service and related occupational pensions.

Our free quarterly magazine is sent to all members’ homes and is packed full of useful features, member offers and advice, as well as all the latest on our campaigning activities.

Provides up-to-date news, reports on campaigningactivities and other resources such as back copies of the Pensioner and Group Circulars. Visit www.cspa.co.uk

This can be accessed by members with facebook accounts at www.facebook.com/cspalliance/ or by clicking on the Facebook link on the cspa website.

The Civil Service Insurance Society (CSiS) offers members a wide range of high-quality insurance policies at a very reasonable cost. These include home and contents insurance, pet insurance, car insurance, health insurance, golf insurance, caravan insurance and boat cover.
As an added incentive for CSPA members who take out the CSiS Combined Home and Contents Insurance policy the CSiS are offering to beat your existing renewal costs by at least £10, and a similar offer continues to apply to car insurance policies as well. This is a special offer that is being run on a three months trial basis, but it does mean that members could make savings that are near to the cost of a CSPA single annual membership subscription.
Members who have taken out the CSiS combined home and contents insurance policy will continue to qualify for the concessions that previously applied.
Call 01622 766960 or visit www.csis.co.uk/cspa for more information.

The CSiS is a not for profit organisation and any surplus income is used for charitable works and donations to Civil Service and related public sector charities. Further information can be obtained via the following link: http://www.csis.co.uk/our-charity/

The CSPA Group Annual Travel Insurance Scheme offers extremely competitively-priced, annual comprehensive worldwide travel insurance cover to CSPA members and their families. Arranged by The Health Insurance Group and underwritten by AXA PPP Healthcare, the terms are excellent. There is no medical screening prior to joining. Provided you are fit to travel and not suffering from a terminal illness you are covered to travel worldwide. Pre-existing conditions are also covered except for certain problemsrelated to mental health. What’s more, if you join prior to your 85th birthday you are able to remain in the scheme for life.

The premium rates that apply per annum from 1 April 2016 (the premiums are inclusive of 20% Insurance Premium Tax) are for a single person £187.50 (from 1 April 2017 £212.50), married couple or partners £255.00 (from 1 April 2017 £297.50), family £275.00 (from 1 April 2017 £312.50) or single parent £255.00 (from 1 April 2017 £297.50). The Health Insurance Group has a dedicated CSPA Travel Scheme representative. For more information and friendly advice, call 0800 223 0972 or to directly download an application form and related documentation from The Health Insurance Group website please click here:
The Health Insurance Group CSPA Travel InsuranceDocumentation

The free legal advice service previously provided by Purple Legal has been withdrawn following a change of ownership of the provider. Parliament Hill which provides the extended range of membership benefits in conjunction with the CSPA, is currently looking for an alternative source of free legal advice. Members will be advised just as soon as it is possible to reinstate this service.
Members in Northern Ireland and Scotland can continue to use their Branch’s existing solicitors - in Scotland , A M Simpson & Son on 01683 220118 (ask to speak to Alan Davidson) and in Northern Ireland , McTartan, Turkington & Breen on 02890 329801 (ask to speak to Vivan Harty) should be able to assist you. These solicitors and Purple Legal also offer help with Wills and Lasting Powes of Attorney.

For members who have tried and been unsuccessful with the NHS, or simply do not wish to wear the style of hearing aid offered, the CSPA has entered into a charitable partnership with Hearing Star. This first-class private hearing aid service is only available to partner organisations which now includes Alliance members. They have provided their highly respected exclusive members’ audiology services to key national organisations for many years.
Service benefits include; inclusive 5-year warranty and battery periods; inclusive remote control; inclusive mini remote microphone for T.V. listening; quality hearing aid manufacturer and 0%APR easy payment option with no fees or charges to name just a few. All technology is superior than you can obtain for free via NHS with appointments available in the comfort of your home.
Hearing Star do not serve the general public. Services are exclusively available to members and their dependents (includes spouse, parents and children over18yrs). Alliance members are invited to contact Hearing Star for their copy of the 2017 brochure. Please note that all enquirers are verified with the CSPA before brochure information or advice can be provided. Non-members are required to join the CSPA to access this service.
Tel: 0800 03 23 771
Email: CSPA@hearingstar.org.uk Web: www.hearingstar.org.uk

In conjunction with Royal London Insurance, the UK’s largest mutual insurance company, the Civil Service Insurance Society has launched an over 50’s life insurance that also caters for funeral care cover as well. The over 50’s policy underwritten by Royal London Insurance not only provides good value for money with premiums starting as low as £3.95 per month, but in comparison to similar products available in the market, it provides a very significant degree of flexibility to policy holders as well. In addition to highly competitive life cover the policy can also be used to fund funeral care which attracts a £300 contribution towards funeral costs. The policy has also recently been improved to enable cover to commence from the age of 80. The CSiS is also offering a promotional bonus of a £50 Marks and Spencer voucher for anyone taking out the policy. For further information visit the CSiS website at the following link Civil Service Insurance Society Website - lifecover or call 0800 202 8702

FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM AFFINITY FINANCIAL AWARENESS (Now part of the Wealth at Work group of companies)
Affinity Financial Awareness Limited has now become a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies.
The group specialises in providing financial education, guidance and regulated advice in order to implement and manage investment planning solutions for individuals approaching or in retirement.
’my wealth’ is a trading name of Wealth at Work Limited which is also part of the Wealth at Work group of companies which provides independent financial advice and discretionary investment management services.
These services help individuals ensure that their investments are appropriately managed by;

Creating investment strategies that meet personal objectives which are flexible enough to adapt to changing needs
Investing in the whole-of-the-market
Actively managing investments so they continue to remain appropriate through changing market conditions

For further information contact:
http://www.wealthatwork.co.uk/mywealth or call
0800 028 3200 and quote CSPA

BC Technologies provides a free service to members answering computer queries and advising on which type of computer to buy. Email cspa@bc-group.co.uk anytime or call 01369 706656 between 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

In conjunction with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, we are pleased to be able to advise members on their first sailing with Fred Olsen Criuse Lines the offer of a tempting 10% discount off the cost of cruises, in addition to any other discounts already on offer. Existing Fred Olsen customers can save 5%, in addition to their 5% Loyalty Club discount. This facility relates to cruises departing from 10 ports round the UK to over 200 destinations worldwide. To obtain the benefits of this offer members will need to quote discount code CSPA10 and call Fred Olsen Cruise Lines direct on 0800 0355 108. CSPA members may be required to vlidate their membership of the Alliance when applying or visit the website link: Fred Olsen Cruises CSPA

Holiday Extras offers CSPA members discounts off their pre-booked prices. Telephone 0800 083 8746 quoting refence ’WC38A’ or contact them using the following link Holiday Extras Discounts The discounts available include:
Airport Parking up to 10%
Airport Hotels up to 10%
Airport Lounges 8%

By quoting account number 870814 members can benefit from a 15% discount on items purchased including tyres, batteries and exhausts, steering and suspension and reduced MOT costs. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

The discounted air fares facility is temporarily suspended because the discounts available on the main Singapore Airlines website are likely to be better than the discount currently on offer to CSPA members due to general changes in the cost of air fares. When market conditions normalise we will provide further advice. The main Singapore Airlines website can be accessed by clicking here: http://www.singaporeair.com