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Travel, Car and Home Insurance

Once you become a member of the Alliance you can take advantage of some great Travel, Car and Home Insurance Policies. We have negotiated bespoke and very competitive rates purely for our Members.

Worldwide CSPA Annual Travel Insurance ( Health Insurance Group)

Annual Travel Insurance Insured by AXA PPP healthcare, at highly competitive rates and solely for CSPA members and their families. Pre-exisiting conditions are discounted-members simply have to be fit to travel.

The role of the Health Insurance Group and Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance (CSPA)

The Health Insurance Group is an independently authorised broker, who acts on your behalf. As an independent broker, The Health Insurance Group is also able to undertake a market review for you.

To support their members, CSPA works with The Health Insurance Group to enable The Health Insurance Group to market the scheme, for which NIRPOA receive a fee.

The Health Insurance Group negotiate the overall renewal terms AXA PPP healthcare offers on this plan, with CSPA agreeing the recommendation. CSPA has no other role within the administration of this arrangement.

For clarity, there is no commercial agreement between AXA PPP healthcare and CSPA, who do not represent you or negotiate any aspect of your healthcare insurance with AXA PPP healthcare.

This cover is an individual contract of insurance between you and AXA PPP healthcare. The subscriptions under this agreement are set each year by AXA PPP healthcare to take into account the claims made by all the members of CSPA and their family members covered under the product. This arrangement has a common renewal date of the first of the April.

Civil Service Insurance Society Services (CSiS)

The CSiS offers members a wide range of high-quality insurance policies at very reasonable cost. These include car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, golf insurance, caravan insurance and boat cover. As an added incentive for CSPA members who take out combined Home and Contents Insurance the CSiS are offering to beat your renewal costs by at least £10, and a similar offer applies to car insurance policies (terms and conditions apply)

The CSiS is a not for profit organisation and any surplus income is used for charitable works and donations to Civil Service related and Public Sector Charities.